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Here are comments and feedback given by people we have worked with over the years.

I’ve been a mental health sufferer for the past 10 years. I came into contact with BL through a mutual contact and they have supported me for the past 13 months with a lot of my issues regarding my mental health and now I am currently in recovery in Ealing mental Health Hospital where they continue to support me through regular visits and also where I wasn’t in contact with my families, BL have helped act as a bridge to bond with my family which were severed through the many issues which I had. One of the major strengths BL have is that they are always willing to put in the time to go to the very core of ones personal issues.

Clive Anthony Robinson – Harlesden


I’ve been in contact with BL for the last 10 years. I came into contact with them when their team visited me before I came out of care at the age of 17. BL have been a great support to me in helping me with my ADHD, personality disorders. I’m now able to have a stable relationship and no longer vulnerable as what I used to be and they are always at hand to support me and give me good advice. I’m in the process of doing a business course at the enterprise centre in Tottenham.

Yvann Tufts – Camden


BL have always been a good inspiration and have helped to build my confidence by helping me to come out of my isolation. I’m a diabetic and suffer with mental health issues that BL have been on hand to support me with. BL also help me to have the odd leisure time such as going to the movies and since losing my kidney, they have been very supportive by visiting me and giving back my confidence and helping me to cope with my life’s situation. If there were more of these services around to be hands on, I’m sure it would be a great achievement, which they are achieving in my experience.

Mary Campbell – Tottenham